Prayer - The Amazing Influence

Prayer Changes People’s Wills: Romans 15:30-31

In response to prayer God changes peoples wills. I pray that the Lord will influence your wills to believe it! And if you do, then consider three implications:

1. Stand in Awe of Christ’s Lordship

Stand in awe of the Lordship of God and his Son Jesus. Paul had said, “I urge you to strive in prayer by the Lord Jesus Christ.” He is the Lord over the wills of centurions, and commanders, and mobs, and little boys. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him. So stand in awe of your Lord Jesus. Worship him. Trust him. Follow him. And count on him to help you in your longings to see people change.

2. Rejoice That the Spirit Is a Spirit of Love

Be glad and rejoice that the Spirit of God is a Spirit of love. Paul had said, “I urge you by the love of the Spirit to strive in prayer.” Think what it must have meant for Paul as he came toward Jerusalem to have Christian groups “receive him gladly.” O how precious is the love of the Spirit when it flows to us from other believers. Be glad that God is like this. Be glad that the Lord of the universe has a Spirit of love. Be glad that that God has both a powerful Son and a loving Spirit. When these two things unite, infinite power and overflowing love, nothing can befall you but what God wills for your good.

3. Do Not Neglect Prayer

Finally, don’t neglect the amazing influence you have in the world for good through prayer. By prayer God calls us to join him in shaping history. By prayer we are to influence the wills of presidents and kings and senators and governors and mayors (1 Timothy 2:1–2). By prayer we are to influence the wills of professors and writers and entertainers and editors and pastors and elders and missionaries. By prayer we are to influence the wills of our friends and our enemies. We are to influence the wills of our children by prayer, and our husbands and wives and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and neighbors and colleagues and fellow students.

The amount of transforming good you can do by prayer is incalculable. Don’t neglect this great work God has put into your hands. From the pen of John Piper, January 7, 1996

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